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Many banks and savings banks today offer car loans. The car loan offers itself mainly due to low interest rates for the financing of a motor vehicle, the excellent conditions of the providers can be justified primarily by the high offer, today besides the conventional banks and online credit institutes also car banks are active in the market segment of the car loan. More exposition at

The car banks of the manufacturers in particular can very often convince with low interest rates; the cheapest loans are offered here for certain models and equipment. Anyone who wants to find a cheap offer with attractive interest rates has good chances in principle; if they want to find the best individual offer, it is much more difficult. Without a car loan comparison on the Internet, the best loan is hard to pin down.

This should be taken into account when comparing car loans on the Internet

This should be taken into account when comparing car loans on the Internet

An effective search for the best offer is only possible if, as a potential borrower, you focus on the important factors in the loan search. The effective interest rate, for example, is always decisive. The effective interest rate takes into account all costs incurred when borrowing. In addition to the debit interest rate, the effective interest rate also includes all other loan costs such as processing, provisioning and administration costs.

The effective interest rate depends not least on the creditworthiness of the borrower, the term and the amount of the loan. The creditworthiness of the borrower always plays an overriding role, the creditworthiness is primarily determined on the basis of income and Credit Bureau information. The Credit Bureau information is not obtained from all banks, as a classic loan protection scheme, the Credit Bureau provides information about the payment behavior of the customer and is therefore still taken into account by many banks.

Before making a comparison as a consumer, it is important to precisely define the loan amount and term. The amount of the loan and the term are also important for the effective interest rate, since they pose a risk to the banks. Banks are trying to compensate for this risk with long effective terms and high loan amounts by using a higher effective interest rate. Consumers should therefore always choose a short term and a low loan amount. Short terms always result in a significant increase in the liquidity burden, and you should never lose sight of your own financial situation.

Car loan comparison on the Internet

Car loan comparison on the Internet

The comparison of car loans is possible today on the Internet, on numerous financial portals. As a rule, credit calculators are provided for the comparison; these offer the possibility of carrying out a comparison with individual details, as a result of which very precise comparison results can be achieved. The loan calculator comparison enables an individual loan amount, term and repayment to be recorded, which means that the search can be restricted and the best offer can be found quickly.

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Credit for young professionals /credit-for-young-professionals/ /credit-for-young-professionals/#respond Fri, 07 Feb 2020 10:01:21 +0000 Continue Reading]]>

Young people start their careers after completing their studies or vocational training. Workers without completed training are considered to be beginners in the first few years. The first employment relationship after an apprenticeship or studies often requires the purchase of your own car.

During the apprenticeship, trainees living with their parents would like to move into their own apartment after passing the journeyman’s or assistant’s examination.

Borrowing by young professionals at a bank

Borrowing by young professionals at a bank

Financial institutions are often too hesitant to give a loan to young professionals because their income is low in the first few years of employment. In addition, more and more employers are initially only awarding temporary employment contracts. This does not apply to the takeover of a previous trainee by the training company, since in this case there has already been an employment relationship.

Students can avoid the need for a loan for young professionals by applying for a graduation loan within the examination semester, even if they do not currently need the money.

Best Bank pays promotional loans to students without checking the repayment, as this is covered by the salary of the subsequent job. Borrowing for young professionals is easier if the young professional borrows the loan with another applicant.

Borrowing by young professionals outside of banks

Borrowing by young professionals outside of banks

It is very easy to get a loan for young professionals from a mail order company by choosing the partial payment as a payment option. Most dealers only make a Schufa request to new customers, but do not inquire about the amount of work income. A loan for young professionals can be taken out at a commercial bank via an internet platform for credit brokerage between private individuals.

Since the private lenders registered there largely take the personal situation of a loan seeker into account more than hard creditworthiness facts, they deliberately grant loans to people who are difficult to borrow, like starting a job, through conventional credit institutions.

Borrowers indicate their personal situation, including the reason for the loan, on the platforms for personal loan brokering. Your data remains confidential since the platform operator handles the practical loan processing and no contact details or bank details are exchanged between the lenders and the borrowers.

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Poles’ creditworthiness is rising! How to keep moderation in debt? – SMART finance, ideas, technological innovations and quick loans /poles-creditworthiness-is-rising-how-to-keep-moderation-in-debt-smart-finance-ideas-technological-innovations-and-quick-loans/ /poles-creditworthiness-is-rising-how-to-keep-moderation-in-debt-smart-finance-ideas-technological-innovations-and-quick-loans/#respond Wed, 05 Feb 2020 16:21:10 +0000 Continue Reading]]>

The level of salaries increases every year, and with it our creditworthiness. This means that a statistical Polish family can take a loan of almost half a million dollars. This can result in hasty debt. How to avoid it

Everyone knows that our money should be managed wisely. Similarly with debt – we should also think carefully. Because although our creditworthiness will allow us to borrow a certain amount for an apartment, we can not always cope with its timely repayment. Therefore, before you decide on a loan, it is worth analyzing our home budget and making sure that we will be able to repay the commitment.

How much can we borrow compared to previous years?

How much can we borrow compared to previous years?

The abovementioned amount was determined on the assumption that the credit history of the borrowers is good and at present the family has no debts to pay. The earnings of this statistical family are 6088 net, and the loan would be granted for 30 years. Compared to last year, Poles’ creditworthiness increased by over USD 24,000. The average APRC also decreased, which currently amounts to 4.6% on average.

Mortgage – how much can we count on?

Mortgage - how much can we count on?

As we have already mentioned – a statistical family of three, in which both parents are employed on the basis of an employment contract for an indefinite period and their earnings are at the level of the national average can count on a mortgage in the amount of almost half a million dollars.

If the family described above would like to use their creditworthiness to the limit, it would allow her to buy a really large property. Such a loan supplemented with own contribution would allow the purchase of a flat from the secondary market with an area of ​​70 m 2 in Warsaw. In Wrocław, on the other hand, we would already have over 100 m 2 at this price. It’s impressive, isn’t it?

How to take a mortgage with your head?

How to take a mortgage with your head?

Assuming that our statistical family would really like to take out a loan for such a high amount, they would have to make an own contribution of almost USD 100,000. And not everyone has such cash, which is why we do not use our creditworthiness to the limit . Thanks to this, we don’t get into debt that we won’t be able to pay back.

Before you decide on a mortgage, it is worth analyzing whether the monthly installment will not be too much of an obligation for us. It is usually considered the safest solution if the amount of the loan installment does not exceed 30% of the monthly income.

Interest in short-term loans is growing

Interest in short-term loans is growing

In addition to the increase in Poles’ creditworthiness, we can also observe an increase in interest in short-term online loans. This form of borrowing money is more friendly to customers than a visit to a bank. Not only does it involve smaller formalities, but it is also a more convenient option. In this way, we can borrow money sitting in our favorite chair, holding the phone and ID card.

A quick loan is a great way to repair your home budget or cover sudden expenses. It should be remembered, however, that payday loans, like any other loan, must be repaid. Therefore, such expenses should also be included in the home budget plans for a given month.

When taking a short-term loan via the Internet, we must pay attention to whether the page on which we borrow has all safety rules. We have already written about how to borrow safely in easy steps. Therefore, before you decide on a loan, it is worth learning the basic principles of secure borrowing.

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Motorcycle loan: the advantages of this financing solution /motorcycle-loan-the-advantages-of-this-financing-solution/ /motorcycle-loan-the-advantages-of-this-financing-solution/#respond Tue, 04 Feb 2020 10:37:17 +0000 Continue Reading]]>

Have you decided to buy a motorcycle soon? Do you need a little help in order to finance your project? Why not ask for a credit? Between cost and benefits, discover this advantageous financing alternative!



The principle of a motorcycle loan is similar to any “consumer” loan: you borrow a certain amount from a bank or a financial institution. The sum obtained will then be used to purchase the vehicle. The reimbursement will be made in several fixed monthly payments directly to the financial institution.

A flexible solution

The first advantage of this type of solution is the flexibility offered for the loan itself. Indeed, personal credit generally allows you to freely choose its terms:

  • Amount : from 2,000 to 3,000 USD (depending on the bank) to 250,000 USD if necessary.
  • Refund : 12 to 72 months (sometimes longer). The monthly payments are always fixed and include both the reimbursement itself and the interest paid for the loan.


This financing solution, in addition to flexible terms, also brings many benefits. Firstly, as you pay for the vehicle in full, it is yours (which is not the case with leasing for example). Overall, the advantages:

  • Total or partial financing : the motorcycle loan makes it possible to finance the vehicle in full if necessary, or only in part if you already have funds.
  • New or used : possibility of buying a new vehicle as well as a used one.
  • Vehicle make and model : free choice without restrictions.
  • Insurance : casco is optional, and generally cheaper than leasing.
  • Tax deductions : the loan interest is tax deductible.
  • Early repayment : in the event of early repayment, you will realize savings on the interest paid.

The cost

The cost will mainly depend on the amount borrowed and the duration envisaged , but also on the interest rate charged . As an indication, a loan of 5,000 USD over 12 months:

  • Represents a total interest of 209 USD
  • Implies a fixed monthly repayment of 434 USD (including the repayment of the motorcycle loan and the payment of interest)
  • With a rate of 7.9%

Request a quote

Request a quote

It is of course possible to request both advice and a non-binding offer from a specialist such as Autocredit, which offers car, motorbike or any type of vehicle.

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Cheap borrowing can be a solution for those who want to make a purchase that is not within financial reach. Taking out a loan online is easy. With a personal loan, every purchase can be financed, from electronics to a wedding. The loan amount and the repayment term provide a monthly repayment amount. In addition to the loan amount, an interest payment is due. The lower the interest, the lower the cost of the loan.

Take out cheap online loans


The table shows all the loans that are currently offered by the money lender. The cheapest loan is at the top. The number in the “repayment” column tells you immediately how much you will have to pay back to the money lender each month and whether the loan is, therefore, feasible for you. The APR or annual percentage rate summarizes all the costs associated with this loan per year. The loan with the lowest APR is not always the cheapest loan. Check whether the monthly repayments are justified. The loan amount and the repayment must be realistic.

If you are considering a credit application for private purposes, you can already simulate it here. Choose the loan amount and the term and all results will be displayed.

Insurance with a loan

People who take out a loan online can also take out insurance. This serves to protect you in the event of long-term disability, death or loss of work. In each of these cases, the insurance will take on the monthly repayments.

Flexible loans

Flexible loans

There is a chance that you want to take out the loan earlier or vice versa, to spread it over a longer period so that the monthly repayment amount is reduced. Not all money lender or lenders make this possible, unless against payment. So check carefully whether the money lender is flexible in that area and carefully read the terms of the cheap loan. Perhaps it is better to take out a slightly more expensive loan that offers more options? Compare all personal loans.

Take out an online loan, how to proceed?

Take out an online loan, how to proceed?

If you have found the cheapest loan, you can apply for it online. You will have to complete a few forms with mandatory questions about your financial situation and marital status. Then the lender decides whether you are eligible for the chosen loan. Borrowing money costs money! That is why it is advisable to only take out a loan when you need money.

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Calculate car loan rate – loan calculator is ready /calculate-car-loan-rate-loan-calculator-is-ready/ /calculate-car-loan-rate-loan-calculator-is-ready/#respond Sat, 21 Dec 2019 16:25:04 +0000 Continue Reading]]>

Therefore, car buyers should also look for a car loan at the relevant banks. Because the cash payer discount is not to be dismissed out of hand.

This can make a loan so cheap that the 0% financing has no effect. Borrowers can apply for a loan from their house bank or find the right lender from the many online banks on the Internet.

As experience has shown, direct banks or online banks have better conditions than a branch bank. But before making a loan application, borrowers should not only calculate the car loan rate, but inquire about the purchase price of the car.

The Internet also serves as a good basis here.

Calculate the car loan rate and find the right lender

Calculate the car loan rate and find the right lender

After the purchase price is determined, the appropriate vehicle financing is sought in addition to the lender. Credit offers from online banks are suitable for this. You should specifically look for a car loan. In general, every vehicle can be financed through a normal installment loan, but a special car loan is usually cheaper.

The reason is that this loan is earmarked, so it can only be used to finance the vehicle. If the borrower then deposits the vehicle letter with the bank, this has another security in addition to the income.

Some banks reward this with low interest rates. It may well be that a special car loan has up to 1% less interest than a normal installment loan.

What does depositing the vehicle letter with the bank mean?

What does depositing the vehicle letter with the bank mean?

If the creditworthiness is rather weak, lenders often ask for the vehicle letter as additional security. So the car belongs to the bank until the loan is paid. The disadvantage is that the borrower gets into a financial constraint and wants to sell the car, so he cannot do so. He is not yet the owner.

Those who opt for the special car loan will get the loan amount paid out. If a few weeks have passed, the transfer of ownership to the bank must first be carried out. This gives the borrower the opportunity to act as a cash payer at the dealer and to negotiate high discounts. Many lenders who provide auto loans make the loan dependent on the age of the vehicle.

The credit loan rate should not be calculated before the loan application, but the credit requirements should also be read.

Calculate the car loan rate – find the way to a cheap loan

Calculate the car loan rate - find the way to a cheap loan

Borrowers can use a financing calculator for cars to determine whether the low interest rate is actually greater than the cash discount. The basic parameters of the car and the financing are simply entered.

With one click you can see which loan is cheaper. The one from the dealer or the one from the bank. Loan seekers can calculate the car loan rate and get a cheap car loan through portals on the Internet. Some personal information is simply entered. A short time later, the preliminary loan approval is granted. If several offers are obtained, they can be compared with each other.

You can also calculate the car loan rate. With a corresponding term, either a long term or a short one, the credit rate can be chosen to match the income.

Calculate the car loan rate – calculate the final rate

Calculate the car loan rate - calculate the final rate

The final installment can be calculated online using a car loan calculator. Borrowers are advised to generally plan a loan carefully and prudently. There are many borrowers who prematurely took out a loan and after a while found that the installments could no longer be paid. They were just set too high. The car loan calculator can not only determine the amount of the final installment, it can also calculate how high the discount is if the customer pays in cash.

Of course, there are customers who do not want to pay off in installments and prefer to pay in cash. However, the question should be raised here to what extent the financial reserves are then used up. This may be the right decision at the beginning, but nothing unexpected can come up between them. It is advised that those who have invested their reserves well prefer to use a low-interest car loan.

If there are no more reserves, you often have to resort to a loan, with payment in installments.

Calculate the car loan rate online – further calculation options

Calculate the car loan rate online - further calculation options

Many online calculators can not only calculate the car loan rate online, but also calculate the prospects for a loan when a down payment is made. If you decide to make a down payment, you need a lower loan amount, which in turn creates favorable interest rates and moderate rates. If you already know the interest rate for your loan, you can enter it in the comparison and you will see your interest rate and which processing fees will be charged. The more information the borrower has, the more accurate the loan offer will be.

Calculate the car loan rate online – the credit rating must be correct

Calculate the car loan rate online - the credit rating must be correct

The creditworthiness or creditworthiness of a customer is decisive for a loan. So borrowers only get a loan if they have the necessary prerequisites that a loan can be paid on time. The lender will determine the customer’s creditworthiness based on the financial situation. For example, when receiving a credit bureau query, they receive information about the customer’s payment behavior.

Very simply explained: banks require a sufficient income that is above the garnishment exemption limit. It must not be pledged. What is important here is the unloaded credit bureau. If negative entries are noted, the loan can be rejected or secured with other loan collateral. This can be a guarantor or a second borrower. Borrowers should also know that the interest rate they pay depends on their credit rating.

A good credit rating brings cheap interest and vice versa.

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Consumer Loan Benefits – Over Other Loans /consumer-loan-benefits-over-other-loans/ /consumer-loan-benefits-over-other-loans/#respond Thu, 19 Dec 2019 10:26:32 +0000 Continue Reading]]>


A consumer loan is a lump sum that you lend unsecured. That is, you do not need to provide collateral in a guarantor or real estate, as you usually have to when you take out a mortgage, for example. A consumer loan also gives you a free right of disposal, which means the bank doesn’t care what you use the loan amount for.

The interest rate on the consumer loan will be higher than the mortgage rate, but at the same time significantly lower than the interest rate you get on a credit card.

You can borrow up to USD 500,000 and get a long-term repayment plan. The repayment is made monthly, with fixed installment amounts containing both installments, fees and interest.

You pay the same amount each month, which makes the repayment tidy and predictable and gives you the assurance that the loan will be paid off within the schedule.

How does a mortgage loan work?

How does a mortgage loan work?

A mortgage loan is a common term for flexible loans, where you can borrow up to a certain limit or limit agreed in advance.

Borrowing loans are also called flexible loans or account loans, and have in common that the loan does not have a fixed repayment plan. A mortgage loan is therefore only recommended if you have good control over your own finances.

Flexible loan = great freedom

Flexible loan = great freedom

A mortgage loan or flexible loan has many similarities to a consumer loan, but the loan has a more flexible repayment scheme. This means that instead of paying a fixed monthly installment, which includes both installments, fees and interest, you decide how much you want to pay down the loan.

You can pay a lot in one period and little in another and have several installment-free months. A flexible loan also gives you the option of repaying all or part of the loan amount once you have repaid the amount.

As the name implies, a flexible loan, or a frame loan, is a type of loan that offers great flexibility but can also present challenges if you are unable to structure the repayment yourself.

For some, it is easy to be tempted to borrow money within the framework repeatedly, which can increase the chance of overspending. And if you choose to have many installment-free months in the year, the consequence will be high interest expenses.

Credit: almost like a credit card

Credit: almost like a credit card

Account credit is also a type of mortgage loan. Once you have been granted credit, you have the option to withdraw your account with the amount you have been granted.

This means that you always have a certain amount available in your account, in addition to your own money. In the same way as a flexible loan, interest is calculated on the amount you have used for the credit. When you get paid, or otherwise get into your account, your account credit is replenished and interest rates stop running.

Account credit, like a flexible loan, provides a high degree of flexibility, but the risk of overconsumption is high when the loan is not paid out as a lump sum, such as a consumer loan. The amount you can get in credit is usually lower than what you can take out in consumer loans, and is often limited by your fixed monthly income.

Mortgages with collateral in housing

Mortgages with collateral in housing

A mortgage loan can also be used as a mortgage, in which case you are required to provide collateral in an asset, usually in the home you are about to buy. This means that the bank pledges your home to be able to lend you money.

The amount, or the limit on your loan, is limited to a certain percentage of the home value, usually 60 – 70 percent. As with a regular mortgage loan, you do not have to use the entire loan amount, and you only pay interest on the money you have spent.


Every loan has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is wise to familiarize yourself well with the differences between them. Which loan you should choose depends on what life situation you are in, what you need money for and how neat and structured you are. Both flexible loan, account credit and frame loan give you great flexibility, but at the same time it means freedom under responsibility.

For many who need money for a specific purpose, a consumer loan with a fixed framework and a clear repayment plan can provide predictability and prevent over-consumption.

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