Motorcycle loan: the advantages of this financing solution

Have you decided to buy a motorcycle soon? Do you need a little help in order to finance your project? Why not ask for a credit? Between cost and benefits, discover this advantageous financing alternative!



The principle of a motorcycle loan is similar to any “consumer” loan: you borrow a certain amount from a bank or a financial institution. The sum obtained will then be used to purchase the vehicle. The reimbursement will be made in several fixed monthly payments directly to the financial institution.

A flexible solution

The first advantage of this type of solution is the flexibility offered for the loan itself. Indeed, personal credit generally allows you to freely choose its terms:

  • Amount : from 2,000 to 3,000 USD (depending on the bank) to 250,000 USD if necessary.
  • Refund : 12 to 72 months (sometimes longer). The monthly payments are always fixed and include both the reimbursement itself and the interest paid for the loan.


This financing solution, in addition to flexible terms, also brings many benefits. Firstly, as you pay for the vehicle in full, it is yours (which is not the case with leasing for example). Overall, the advantages:

  • Total or partial financing : the motorcycle loan makes it possible to finance the vehicle in full if necessary, or only in part if you already have funds.
  • New or used : possibility of buying a new vehicle as well as a used one.
  • Vehicle make and model : free choice without restrictions.
  • Insurance : casco is optional, and generally cheaper than leasing.
  • Tax deductions : the loan interest is tax deductible.
  • Early repayment : in the event of early repayment, you will realize savings on the interest paid.

The cost

The cost will mainly depend on the amount borrowed and the duration envisaged , but also on the interest rate charged . As an indication, a loan of 5,000 USD over 12 months:

  • Represents a total interest of 209 USD
  • Implies a fixed monthly repayment of 434 USD (including the repayment of the motorcycle loan and the payment of interest)
  • With a rate of 7.9%

Request a quote

Request a quote

It is of course possible to request both advice and a non-binding offer from a specialist such as Autocredit, which offers car, motorbike or any type of vehicle.

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